Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Instead, Save the Time, Money, Paper and Effort.

Get a load of this card from randoms Jeff and Kara. Congratulations! You are the first image that pops up when "Save The Date" is typed and searched into Google Images. With all due respect to love, devotion and commitment, can't we all agree on a little laugh at the expense of Siegfried's little brother and the card he OK'd to send out to friends and family? There, didn't that feel good.

With all the recent and impending engagements and weddings, I wanted to get a quick rant off my chest. In regard to the Save The Date (STD) card, please consider conserving energy and forgoing the unnecessary hassle.

Isn't this the email age when someone can send out an email with all the pertinent information. Don't we all get Evites? Americangreetings.com, Ourweddingday.com and, yes, Evite.com all offer STD e-cards. All you just need to be able to deal with is the Burt Baccarat playing over the websites.

How about a phone call spreading the good news to the over 40-Year-Old crowd and an SMS to your buddies.

What really bugs me about these STD is that I already have these dates on my calendar. If I'm going to the wedding, I more than likely know the persons involved and have talked to one, if not both of the parties about their engagement. Upon so doing, the date of the ceremony comes up in conversation and is promptly placed in my Outlook.

Specifically, if I am IN your wedding, I have obviously already S'd The D and do not need a reminder. I may have broken my wrist in my mid 20's riding a Tonka Toy build for a 4-Year-Old down the steepest street in Northern California, but I'm not an idiot. I can remember dates.

The most concerning issue of the STD is that it basically says "Hey! Get ready because we're going to send you another card that tells you the same info, about the same event that you are already planning on attending. " That is just 100% asinine.

Can't we at least just merge the two cards in harmony, like the synergy between the affianced? In so doing, we can really save a little bit of what dignity and fortitude we have left.
Save The Time: Has anyone seen how elaborate these things are? My roommate just got one that was encased within two envelopes, each sealed shut, with their own respective bows. Two hundred STD were sent out for this wedding. That must be at least 5 hours of your life just to get those things mail ready. Oh, the card was from his brother. My roommate's the best man, booked his ticket months ago and has the time off work. I don't think he really needed that card.

Save The Money: At roughly $2.00-$3.00 on average per card, isn't their something you'd rather use your, or your parents, hard-earned money on?

Save the Effort: With all the options out there, I know that it is at least one full day and probably 4 significant arguments over ribbon or font size that can and should be avoided.

Save The Paper: Seriously, these things are not made on environmentally friendly 100% post-consumer recycled virgin wood fiber. Save a tree, not the date. And if you must mail me an STD, drop me a note in the form of a postcard.

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