Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Definition: a widely-consumed stimulant beverage prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. Today, Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. 

Sounds like something Brandon  would enjoy, right? Wrong.

Brandon does not partake in the exercise in drinking coffee. I have met few people like this and i just cannot figure it out. The only time I've seen him drink coffee is in a foreign country. 
I remember him drinking coffee in Morocco, Holland, Spain, Ireland. The list goes on, but I've never seen him at or suggest a Starbucks. 

1. Coffee is delicious. You can find a flavor or brew that is perfectly designed to massage your pallet. 
2. Coffee is commonly known as a social gathering. As in, "lets meet for coffee." Or, "how about we discuss over coffee?"
3. Drinking soda in the morning is just not cool anymore. Frankly, soda(pop) is just not acceptable in general. The last time someone said: "lets go grab a couple of cokes" and you thought to yourself "man, thats so hip!!" was in a Jimmy Stewart movie circa 1962. 
4. You can make it at home and bring it with you. You also get the sense of feeling like a barista in the morning. Everyone that has been a barista can relate with the fact that it sure is gratifying to make a coffee and not have to hand it off to the the guy in the two-piece or the lady about ready to embark on her morning 5K walk. 
5. If you're tired, coffee is better than an energy drink, but not as good as a trip to the gym. I believe the days of throwing down a 16oz Rockstar at 6AM should be behind you by the time you're 25. But, a couple of 16oz 'Star's at 9PM on a Saturday night, that is still debatable.
6. If you are living in the NW it is boarder line taboo not to partake in coffee. This is the land where Starbucks, Peet's, SBC and Coffee People were born.
7. Coffee is good warm and cold. Soda is not good warm. 
8. Coffee is like golf. You have to at least be familiar with the beverage, willing to drink it and find a way to enjoy some of the nuances that it offers in orders to get by in life. You do not want to be the person in a business meeting that shoots an 9 off the first tee and you do not want to be the jack-a-lantern that orders an Italian Soda at Starbucks.

If there is anything I'm missing, please add and with any luck, Brandon may see the light that coffee is one of life's great treasures. 


The Quintessential Life Experience said...

I just spit some of my Diet Pepsi on the keyboard. Well played, JP, well played.

Rob said...

I LOVE COFFEE! Sipping as I write this. Which leads me to ...

Coffee is an intellectual stimulant. Have you ever had tackle a daunting task at work? What tickles the brain better than a hot cup of joe?! Nothing!

Jenna said...

all anyone needs to do is get a hot cup at the Green Salmon (Yachats, OR). then they'll be convinced.

Nick said...

Here's one... The other day we got up early on the weekend to head out. Brandon comes down from his room and I ask,
"Hey, do you want some cofee?"
He replies, "Yeah that sounds good."
I said, "Alright, what do you want, I'm going to Starbucks (as it's the closest coffeshop to our house)."
He immediately responds, "Oh, nevermind. I don't want anything."

WTF? I was offering to buy him any beverage he wanted, and he changed his mind when i said I was going out.

kalong said...

Yes, living in the Northwest, it IS taboo not to partake in coffee. For better or for worse...

Meeps said...

I just had a cup of coffee from Sumatra. How cool is that?!!?!? who even knows anything about Sumatra except that they produce coffe!

Courtney said...

1) Brandon,you really need to get on the ban wagon. How in the world would we ever be able to get together for a conversation?
2) I am enjoying my cup right now with vanilla creamer
3)Sumatrais the sixth largest island in the world (approximately 470,000 km²) and is the largest island entirely in Indonesia (two larger islands, Borneo and New Guinea, are partially in Indonesia).

Meeps said...

Oh that is funny Court, i figured Sumatra would be in Africa...... eff.....

Rob said...

I thought Sumatra was some form of pilates ... or possibly a kamasutra move. Thank god for coffee! Improves our global intellect.