Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quick Trivia

I will leave it to you to decide whether Hancock is good or not, but I had no idea that the film's director, Peter Berg, also played the tragic Dexter ('Dex') Rutecki in one of the most influential movies of my life, Aspen Extreme. Possibly my favorite part of his role is when he has to dress up in the Santa costume as a ski teacher. It was even better watching it come true in my own Copper Mountain Extreme experience when Huff had to dress as the Copper Cougar for a day and chase little kids around on tiny skis.

Love Dex, TJ, Bryce and of course, Franz. Although I usually wait until at least November, I may have to pop AE into the VHS a little sooner this year.

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Lizzie Bennett said...

Question: Do you really think "Aspen Extreme" beats out the 1990 classic ski movie, "Ski Patrol"? I mean, the action, the drama, the romance, the blatant racism... it doesn't get much better.