Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life's Unwritten Rules v. 1.0

Rule #1: For a successful relationship you must... Be on the same cell phone carrier.

OK, I guess this will officially make them written rules, but that is neither here nor there. And really, it's probable no one has written these down for good reason (they are inane) but what the hell?

First on the list, one that is near and dear to my heart: cell phone politics. I am happy to say that the majority of my friends and family are "IN" on Verizon's Network. I do not have any particular love for Verizon, but somehow the people who populate my life have all gravitated to the big red V. That alone is a great reason to stay - unlimited communications with those who matter.

Inevitably, things will draw you away from your cell phone network. The biggest reason: new parties to your love life. I'll admit it, I have gone to Verizon's website to check if someone was "IN" as part of the "suitability for dating" checklist. After all, a successful relationship is built on communication, and if you can not communicate in an unlimited manner, surely problems will arise, will they not?

But what of those you leave behind? Family, friends, late night dirty texting buddies, all, no longer a part of your unlimited calling, texting and picture plan. You argue "Hey, my iPhone plan is unlimited, I'll still be in touch." But the magic is gone, that connection is broken. It just isn't the same.

Of course, there are other reasons to leave your network. New job pays for your phone, time for a change and, the big one, the iPhone... I mean who doesn't feel like they NEED to be able to go to while sitting at the Blazers game (I saw it), upload mobile Facebook pictures or have instant access to their Gmail at all times and places.

In the end, though, beware the statement you make by paying that broken contract fee and sacrificing your long term commitment to your network. Who knows if things work out with this hot new item or new career path, you may find yourself on a network all your own...


Loganius said...

Amendment 1, Rule 1:
If same carrier status cannot be achieved, new mate must be entered into myFaves or equivalent program.

Cross said...

i feel this directed at me. i am hurt.