Monday, March 3, 2008

Robert Plant is Ruining Everything

When Led Zeppelin held a one-off concert at London's O2 Arena earlier this year, the music industry was buzzing about what would be the biggest tour of all time. 

A Zeppelin reunion would be the one tour everyone would attend, no matter what the price. I know I tell people, "must see show of the year" at least 10 times annually, but this would've been the one. 

Rumors were swirling that Summer '08 could finally be our chance to see the greatest rock and roll band ever reunite for Stadiums worldwide. 

But today, the hype machine has encountered an irreversible glitch and the dreams and hopes of music fans everywhere were dashed when England's Daily Mirror reported that Robert Plant turned down a guaranteed 100 MILLION POUNDS (roughly $200 Million Dollars) for a summer tour. Surviving members Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones were on board and the tour was set to roll.

But, Plant refused and elected to focus his current efforts on ballads and duets with U.S. country singer Allison Krauss. (Their current album Raising Sand went to #2 in the Britain and U.S. charts) 

So instead of getting Whole Lotta Love, we get this......

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Cross said...

F. I really liked the album...despite the fact I would rather see Zeppelin...