Monday, August 11, 2008

Free iPod

No, this post is not going to be full of spam, no you don't have to forward this to 100 friends (although passing on the QLE to friends IS recommended), but if you've got some spare time this week and don't mind doing a little finagling, a free $150 new toy awaits.

Go to the Key Bank website for terms conditions, etc. Basically it goes like this - get free checking, use your debit card and make two $100 bill payment transfers (cell phone bill, pay your credit card you've been meaning to pay anyway) and voila, a shiny new Nano shows up in the mail. The caveat, of course, is that you must keep the account open 6 months (or get slapped with a $25 fee - still a good deal!) and it will take a while to get your award, but for the grand total cost of $0 it's a smoking hot deal. There are two kickers:
1. You have until Friday to get the deal done (which I believe is as easy as applying online)
2. You will have a 1099 INT (basically telling the IRS you got this banking benefit) - but you can work that out with your tax adviser.

To take it one step further - if you're one of the many distressed by no longer taking VISA (chalk another one up for the recording industry), but don't want to give some site from Russia your bank account number - especially with they way THEY are taking things over lately (too soon?), then in theory you could use your Key Bank account as a "buffer" - putting money in there to get yourself cheap, high quality music but not giving them access to your big 3 figure savings account.

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