Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pet Names

It's hard to name a pet. I can't necessarily tell you why, but anecdotal evidence abounds. My own family has failed to rise to the challenge  - Grey Cat, Tootsie - more than once! So I reside in the glass house and would never, etc., etc.

There are other potential pitfalls, not the least of which is that people seem to forget that they will, at some point, have to yell their pets name in public. Do you really want to stand on the front porch (dog park, playground, local hip shopping area where you're trying to meet chicks) and yell "BUBBLES, COME! COME HERE BUBBLES!!!"

I would also argue that your pet will act in accordance with its name. For example, the Rat Terrier at the park the other day running, jumping, freaking out and generally ignoring everything it's owner said... "BUGGY, SIT! BUGGY, you come here right now. Buggy, why won't you hold still? Buggy, why are you freaking out?" When you named your high-strung dog Buggy, what did you expect?

Then there is the name overuse. Every black lab in the Pacific Northwest is named Porter. Every filthy hippy has a dog named Mary Jane (so clever!). And for some reason, it is way hip, as a 20-something woman, to name your dog Lola. I know 3 people who have recently done it. No joke. Just think of the mass hysteria when the couple, on a dog walking date call "Lolaaaaa, Porrrterrrr, comehereandgetatreat???!!!!???" Muddy pants, paws in faces will certainly abound.

So, good luck with that, but final word of warning. Don't get too fancy with the name. You may end up explaining to children at the dog park that "It's the name of a city in Italy. What's Italy? Never mind, just call her D Dog."
*Disclaimer - I love animals and all of my friends pets and I am NOT making fun or anyone or their precious pooches.

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