Saturday, January 26, 2008

Go Pick on G2334XD9 For Awhile!

After three years of pilfering Internet off any and every unsuspecting soul in my general proximity, I finally got bitten in the ass. It's all come full circle, and Karma's a bitch.

For the longest time my roommates and I would cut corners to save ourselves each $17 a month. Hey, that's almost two movie tickets! We'd jump between local networks: Here's Johnny, Urban Kangaroo, Bobski and of course every one's favorite, linksys.

Last year we grew up, and moved on up. Nicer, clearner, more befitting our status as late twenty-somethings. Thats when everything changed. Upon arrival a hard reality awaited us: paranoids with Wireless Security. WEP 256-bit password? Surely you can't be serious.


8 targets for wireless prey: 8 Closed Networks. We found ourselves cold and isolated from the warm glow of the internet world. So, we caved. We called Comcast and sacrificed our bank accounts to the ravage of the ISP.

But, then it happened, our own worst internet nightmare. During the past month, things have changed. New tennants in the building, new digital mouths to feed. A total of 10 pirates pilfering our wireless domain.

Our connection speed went from the hare to the tortoise. We got kicked off our own network more than new shows on CBS.

After 27 days of utter annoyance, interrupted "late night, private" downloads, and the inability to constantly refresh our Facebook pages, it all culminated with this blog and our foray into a life of possessive vigilantes. Like Charles Bronson in Death Wish, we are fighting back. Our wireless security is enabled, our password is in place and wireless network Good Luck, Parasites... is secure like San Quentin.

So now all the lurkers can go suck the life out of G2334XD9 and Haunted House while they still can and we'll be free to surf like Mick Fanning.

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