Monday, January 28, 2008

Super Bowl Week (Duh)

The Super Bowl is this Sunday. Some people care, some people don't, but it certainly does cause a hullabaloo, so we at QLE thought it would be irresponsible to let it go without a couple of Super Bowl posts.

First of all, a note on the coverage. Any of you who suffered through the BCS this year (notably UGA vs. Rainbow Warriors) know that watching football on Fox sucks. Extra commercials, annoying personalities and turning every part of the game into an advertisement is only the start. The icing on the cake is, of course, the robot. Man, that is a stupid robot.

The Super Bowl is on Fox this year which means we have to sleepwalk through this robot-infested SB before our next dose of phenomenal Madden-isms. Plus, all signs point to a whipping of that punk bitch Eli by the "New Face of Stetson Cologne." Can someone please tell us what Tom is doing in this picture?!?!

So, now you get to just bide your time until the next commercial break when you turn up the volume, move to the edge of your couch and get ready for the commercials.

So, here's a shout out to a few ads (new and old) that have made us laugh a time or two.

Who are you callin' Cootie Queen Lint Licker

I think I actually remember where I watched this commercial.

Funniest QB in the game.

Gummy Bear Commercial

No one thinks is funny but me


They are who we thought they were!

Don't pretend you never answered the phone this way (at least once)...

An update... Look out for guac, onion dip and bean dip this Sunday... Turns out George was wrong, double dipping IS gross. Check out the NY Times for the gross out factor.

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