Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Great Music Sites

iTunes sucks. Plain and simple - they don't have everything you want, they charge too much and once you pay for it, you still don't own your music. Apple controls the sharing of your music through DRM. And they keep making better iPods that force me to buy a new one every time Macworld comes around (and they make them so small Meeps constantly loses them...). The way I see it, you're paying your dues to Jobs already - so stop paying for music from iTunes!

I came across the website RCRDLBL.com via JB a while back and have been downloading the hottest tracks around, completely free. Oh and it's legal (weird). They have a good explanation here of how it works - a similar model to TV - the advertisers and sponsors pay for the content, you get the entertainment. In addition to free music there is a ton of other great stuff, so be sure to check it out.

Also - if you want great music content - interviews, articles, recommendations, etc., check out Stay Thirsty Media. A completely content-driven site with no pop-ups banner ads or anything to distract you from pure music dork-out.

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