Monday, September 22, 2008

Apocalypse Now

I like music.

I have been know to be frugal.

Add those two up and you get an admiration for free/cheap music.

You are either the type of person who adheres to a strict policy of iTunes and CD purchases, or you fall on the other side of the fence of fence and loot and pillage the web for whatever you can find.

I know that there are a handful of friends that find pleasure in having an album months before release, before anyone else in the circle. 

Frankly, being able to say "that album sucks" and to hear the response "wait, its not out for two month" and retort "i know" is the goal of a couple of people I know.

One of the best spots on the net to find downloads is Pop Apocalypse. Within the last month I've got the new Of Montrael, Bloc Party, Mogwai and Peter Bjorn and John pre release date.

Whatever your justification (mine is supporting artist by going to 5-8 shows a month) utilize Anna Apocalypse's hard work and diligence digging up all the material so you can spend less time searching for music and more time reading the QLE.


Loganius said...

I don't wish to rain on anyone's parade. That being said, please allow me a minute or two to rain on everyone's parade.

Let me bring to the attention of the TQLF community the
Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

From the Wiki:
"The proposed agreement would allow border officials to search laptops, MP3 players, and cellular phones for copyright-infringing content. It would also impose new cooperation requirements upon Internet service providers (ISPs), including perfunctory disclosure of customer information, and restrict the use of online privacy tools. The proposal specifies a plan to encourage developing nations to accept the legal regime, as well."

A British group did a study showing that the average 14-24 year old Briton's iPod was constituted of over 80% illegally downloaded music. This fact is cited by critics to maintain that the Agreement would punish ordinary consumer activity.

In any case, read up on this thing because it could potentially have wide-ranging consequences. Also, it should be noted that the Agreement has been largely negotiated in secret. Things that make you go hmmmm...

So just remember, downloading from sites is rad...until the governments of America and the EU check your iPod and find illegal copies of Bloc Party on your shit. Then downloading is a real pain in the ass...especially if you're sent to jail for it.

Monty! said...

I always like free music, but I feel like she doesn't provide enough albums. I'm sure it's hard to keep up to date on new music, find the time to really listen to them and then review, but sometimes a solid week will go buy before she posts. I just find myself wanting more...

B Money said...

1. That's what she said.

2. Yipes. Better put that review of the AWESOME new Bloc Party on hold just in case "They" are reading...

Matt Stringer said...

Matt Stringer said...