Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm Feeling Mislead

I'll admit it, I don't like Woody Allen that much. He's funny, I get that. Smashing sense of humor, great comedic timing and generally his films are cleverly and enjoyably written, but none of them fall even within my top 50. After receiving glowing recommendations I recently watched Annie Hall. Eh, yawn. Couple laughs, funny scenes, but it took me a couple weeks of 20 minutes here and there to see the whole thing.

Despite that, boy oh boy was I excited to see Vicky Christina Barcelona. My #1 and #2 favorite (and hottest) actresses, in one of my favorite countries in the world with some laughs and, of course, a sexy storyline between two beautiful women...


You've been tricked, this is not a sexy movie! If anything, ScarJo and Penelope are a side show to the neuroticly annoying (but still cute) Rebecca Hall and her depressingly realistic relationship woes. You'll laugh, and you'll enjoy Javier Bardem, but you'll also be disappointed more than once in this one. Save it for video.

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