Thursday, October 2, 2008

Chick Blogger Representin' - A Ross

A little while back we felt compelled to comment on the ubiquitous chick blogger who dominates the blogosphere with posts about Gossip Girl the new "Nine-Oh," drinking wine, hapless hubbys and BF's, crying, wine drinking, shoes, potty humor and a deep love for red wine. One we mentioned, A-Ross from Tales From LaLa Land has since done a little QLE reading and was gracious enough to answer a few questions - hopefully bringing a little balance to our frat-esque 20-something dude blogging. After all, no one wants to be a stereotype.

QLE: Introduce yourself - tell us about your blog and why you do it. Specifically, how does your little black book contain the email address of every legendary Duck football player for the past decade or so? Is there a Latin Berry interview anywhere on the horizon?

A-Ross: My name is Allison, but everyone calls me A-Ross. Except my mom. My blog is essentially a mirror of who I am. I have always loved writing. I attended the University of Oregon where I got my journalism degree. But, frankly, the confines of newspaper and PR writing didn't fit my style. I basically write whatever comes to my mind and what I enjoy most - sports, cooking, my family, my friends and my cat. As far as the Q&As go, well, it helps to sleep with as many Oregon football players as you can to get what you need from them down the road.

QLE: We called you a chick blogger - you're not a mommy blogger, or a girly girl blogger... Can you guide us through the twisted web of female bloggers and where you fit in?

A-Ross: Only recently did I become aware of the world of mommy bloggers. Funny thing is, most of them are moms, but I wouldn't categorize their blogs as "mommy" blogs. BTW, I'm not a girly girl blogger? How have you guys figured this out so quickly? Don't I come across as somewhat girly? No? Damn. I figured. I don't know where I fit in and that's one thing I'd like to continue to not know. I don't want to start changing what I write or how I write to try and fit into a certain group. As usual with everything else in my life, I kind of just do what feels right to me. And I do it with confidence so people will respect it and have confidence in me. If you can respect a blog in which I call my cat a Dirty Sanchez.

QLE: We've been debating. Is there a certain age at which all women suddenly freak out and decide they want to get married, have a giant wedding where everyone looks at them and tells them they're "soooo beautiful" and then start having kids like crazy?

A-Ross: I don't want to speak for all women here, but I'll speak for myself. It is not something I have ever dreamt about or longed for. However, I'm engaged now and I'm very happy to have someone who I enjoy being with and is compatible to me. But I tell you this - I would also be content just being with this person forever and not getting married. Marriage is scary and I just want to make sure we're together forever. All I hear about is "not having sex anymore" or "mortgages" or "settling down." Basically, I'm all for it, but I want ME to stay the same. And, I want to still have sex and spontaneous moments like the ones you have when you first start dating. It's easy to see why those moments are harder to come by. Just today, the fiance and I had to take my car to the shop. 1. We got lost for over an hour trying to find the place and 2. It will cost $1100 to fix. So, immediately there's stress brought into your world. Whereas in month two of dating you're wondering if you've tried every position in the Joys of Sex book.

QLE: When does the drama stop?

A-Ross: NEVER. It doesn't matter if your 15 fighting over Matt Jones or 34 fighting over who's your maid of honor and who's not in the wedding. It. Never. Stops. I have a few quality girl friends, but a lot of my friends are guys. And we fight also. Over the fact that they cheat at Fantasy Football or whether or not Eva Longoria is actually hot. Fun stuff.

QLE: Why do girls wear the shirts like these?
Unflattering is putting it mildly. Pregnant-looking is a bit more like it. Are they just emulating and practicing for pregnancy, as mentioned in question #3?

My friend Erin is going to LOVE this question. She was recently shopping for a dress and lamenting this new style. It's disgusting. Let's be honest. Girls wear these shirts so they don't have to work on their abs.

QLE: Do women believe girly workouts are effective? See: power walking, Pilates and those chicks who get on the stair stepper and take the worlds tiniest steps until the first bead of sweat appears then pack up their US Weekly and waterbottle and go talk about their "big workout" and decide to "splurge." Also how old should a woman be before she stops wearing her sorority letters/pants with writing on the ass?

A-Ross: Skinny women do. I did Yoga once. I wasn't sweating and my mind doesn't like it when I tell it to be quiet. Again, you're asking me girly questions, and I'm not that girly. My workout of choice is running. And, I will say that spinning is a killer. It might seem girly, but it's not for the faint of heart. Go try it sometime. For one hour. And, lastly. At no age, under no circumstances should anyone wear the word "juicy" on their ass. Why would you want your ass juicy?


Brittany said...

Let me take a moment from sobbing into my Chiraz and pause Gossip Girl to comment here in a fashion that no way subjects you men folk to any mentions of my girly parts.

Ahem, sweet interview.

Elisa said...

It is SO nice to hear men don't like pants with writing on the ass. I think they are hideous and tacky.

BTW, I hate the term "mommy blogger" because somehow to me it sounds like someone who can't talk about anything but their kids and their poo and their teeth and their pediatrician appointments and crap.

Also, not all women want a big wedding. I despise big weddings. I grew up in Italy and every wedding there is basically "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" come to life, except with Italian food. It's a pain in the ass, expensive and there's way too many people wanting to call the shots. I had a small wedding, in the evening, with a short reception - cake, gifts, bouquet, goodbye. And I wore a white mini skirt with matching jacket and white platform mary jane pumps. Hey, it was in LA, and I was 21. Besides, better to look like a stripper than like a tulle monster threw up on you.

Loved the interview. Allison is awesome. I am the one other person aside from her mom who doesn't call her A-Ross :-)