Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You Oughta Know - Card Games

We've promised a weekly "You Oughta Know" post, so here we are, and with week 2 we decided to lighten it up a bit after being called out for being a bit pretentious kicking off with the greatest pieces of literature in the history of the world. Point taken - although I still consider that post a success as it evoked plenty of conversation and a classic argument between the two skinniest people we know.

This week, 10 card games you ought to know. Whether you're headed to Vegas, a party featuring chicks in denim skirts and light beer, or even just a relaxing vacation, you should know how to play these games. No one wants to be the jackalope who says, "Sorry, could you explain the rules one more time?" while everyone else is sitting there and ready to play. Here is a website with all game rules organized alphabetically.

1. Poker - including at least 3 variations: Stud, Hold 'Em, 3, 5, 7, etc.
2. Blackjack
3. Presidents and Assholes
4. Kings
5. Rummy
6. Speed
7. Cribbage
8. Hearts
9. Pitch
10. Solitaire

As usual, feel free to question, ridicule, add or discuss in the comments section. We look forward to your feedback.

Also, a weird bonus Youtube video to help get you through your Wednesday - but you've got to watch to the end to see the full amount of awesome - (Thx to Cross).


Allison said...


NERTS. Super fun. But, you will likely fight your grandma.

Jenna said...

WHAT ABOUT BS?!?!?!?!?!?!?

B Money said...


BS is great - although it kind of falls into the camp card games category - games like War.

Meeps said...

BS is a good one, BS should be on there. its BS thats BS is not in the list

Loganius said...

I'm waiting for Stringer to claim that Ayn Rand came up with two of the best card games ever.

Sake J said...

Most people don't know baccarat gives you the best odds at the casino. And if you have any interest in playing against a diabolical mastermind at the tables in Rio, I would suggest baccarat. I don't think rummy will be his game of choice.

Allison said...

What are you, 4? google it.