Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Small Fight of the Day

Say what you will about Chipotle, but I like it and can't stop myself from going about once a month. The parking situation at my local Chipotle leaves a bit to be desired. It's a hopping lunch spot with a large surrounding business community and only offers about 8 spaces in its pull-through lot. Although I rarely get one, it's usually worth driving through just to see if you'll get lucky.

Today, on my first pass I saw that there was a rather crazy looking woman sitting, waiting with her blinker on and staring at a black BMW backed into a parking spot. I pull up and stop, just to see if there's any other potential for spots in the lot. Seeing none, I begin to pull forward and glance at the BMW to see what the crazy woman in the Corolla is waiting for.

Sitting there, calmly reading emails on her BlackBerry and unwrapping a burrito with one hand is a smartly dressed young professoinal woman. Now, I am not sure if you're familiar with the Chipotle burrito, but this is a two handed operation that takes a solid period of time to eat - and that's in an ideal setting (ie: NOT over a BCBG suit and Bavarian leather interior). And, since she's backed into the spot, when she looks out her windshield there is nowhere she can look other than into the intent (and crazy) crazy woman's stare.

We have a serious standoff on our hands. Crazy lady is refusing to budge (despite cars stuck behind her) and is apparently planning on waiting for the young professional woman (apparently too anti-social to eat INSIDE the restaurant) to finish eating the entire burrito rather than look for another parking spot.

I laugh, drive around the block and park right in front of the restaurant and forget briefly about the entertaining small fight of the day I've just witnessed. I sit down, read the Willamette Week and savor my burrito (chicken, black, mild, cheese, lettuce) and enjoy NOT being at work. Eventually, though, the time comes that I can not stall any longer and have to head back to work. I get up, throw my trash away and as I walk out the door am forced to squeeze by none other than Crazy Corolla Lady, who had apparently just gotten her parking spot. Chalk one up for team looney!


Meeps said...

there’s lots of concern about the corporate past of chipotle and whether they are owned by mcdonalds. mcdonalds being an “evil company” of course.

it turns out that in the fourth quarter of 2006 (october, to be specific) mcdonalds finished selling all of their shares in chipotle. so, chipotle is now owned by shareholders which means that you can buy some and then whenever you eat their it’s “just to help my portfolio”

E Chowdah said...

I don't necessarily regard McD's as an "evil company" but disgusting rather...which brings me full circle as to why I don't like Chipotle and the very UN-authentic white lime cilantro rice. I asked my mom if she ate white rice growing up and she said no. She's authentic Mexican. Enough said.

B Money said...

You're a RICE RACIST and you know it. I don't see colors, I only taste the rice. And it's good.

PS - All rice starts as white rice (except brown rice, but that's for hippies and sorority girls) it only changes colors as you add spices.

Meeps said...

B, Everyone easts Brown Rice. Can you tell me that given the option, you'd rather eat white than brown rice??

B Money said...

You're being ridiculous once again solely for the point of being ridiculous. You like brown rice like you enjoy Ween, Acai berries or the latest half caff double tall, extra skim, blended whipped monstrosity from Starbucks: because you're in the know and you love people to know you're in the know.

I've been to probably 100 different Chinese restaurants with you in 15 different countries and have never seen you order or eat brown rice.

Stop frontin'.

Meeps said...

B: the Goji berry is the "IT" berry, not Acai, get real!!