Friday, October 17, 2008


Is there anyone left out there who doesn't have HD TV? I honestly can't imagine it. Like, seriously, do you mean to tell me there are people out there watching Discovery's Planet Earth in No Def (as Deeks calls it)? I absolutely refuse to believe this. I mean, a girl I work with is still holding out against cell phone technology and doesn't even have internet, but she was sure to lock up a 42 inch Samsung LCD.

Obvi there are some parts of our country (COUGH Ohio) that might have just enough crazies to somehow believe that HD is obviously a terrorist organization aiming to wipe out all the white, Christian Americans, but overall just about everyone has seen the light. Right?


Loganius said...

Slight correction: White Christians are the only Americans. All others are part of one terrorist, anti-American group or the other.

As for me, well I'm a member of the People's Front of Judea. We hated the Romans, but that's NOTHING compared to our plans for America.

Kalong said...

HAHA I don't have an HD TV. I actually only kind of have a TV. By this I mean that it is physically there, and taking up room in my living room, but if you turned it on you would get no channels. Because my roommate and I are never home and when we are, we are much too sophisticated to watch TV. We watch House on haha thanks for checking up on my blog again!! I know I haven't in forever! I'm going to start again actually..