Thursday, October 2, 2008


Please stop with the automatically loading video that plays when I go to First of all, I'm literate. That's why I subscribe to your magazine and visit your website 263 times per day. I want to read the content. If I want video, I will go to one of the 5 ultra convenient ESPN family of TV channels.

Secondly, I would estimate 82% of your sites visitors are at work while visiting. Does auto loading video blasting out sports commentary really seem like the best way to sneakily waste time? Why don't you just have an arrow and a sign pop up out of my computer that says TIME WASTER and points to me for everyone in the office to see. This is both rude and thoughtless. Great, you captured the ability to post video on your website. Can't we just have it load on "PAUSE" so I can choose to watch it or not?

PS - If you must show video, please stop showing John Clayton's face. His voice and obnoxious opinions are enough, but when his elfish, bespectacled face pops up on the obnoxious video player it's almost too much for me to handle.


Rob G said...

well done.

Summer said...

SO true. that drives me effing crazy. and the fact that theyre blabbing about the exact headlines half an inch away from the video makes it totally absurd.

Loganius said...

Little hint. If you turn down the volume all the way on the little media player, you can go on with your surfing and ignore the video altogether.

It usually saves that preference for your next visits as well