Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Random Question of the Week - Meat

In an effort to learn a little more about our readers, we are going to begin to offer up questions to you all that will hopefully shed a little bit more light upon your temperaments, convictions and habits.

This weeks question:

Would you eat off of this pig roast if you were at a luau?

Do any of you eat meat anymore? 

If you do still love meat, would you dine off this swine?

People we know, the floor is yours!


B Money said...

Absolutely. It looks delicious. I will admit that the face makes it a tiny bit personal, but sometimes you just have to ignore the face and get down to the good stuff.
On that note, I am counting down the minutes until I head to Greek Fest this weekend where there will be various animals and piles of meat spinning on spits, rotisseries and a variety of other cookers so I'm prepared.
Let's keep it going for MEAT!

Rob G said...

Would not. But if you showed a vegetarian a rotten piece of fruit - they probably wouldn't eat it either.

Monty! said...

I wouldn't eat off that particular spit, as it looks like a decomposed body rather than a grilled piece of meat.

I'm all for meat, just not with a side of face.

B Money said...

WOW! Meat with a side of face. That would probably be on the menu right next to JB's fav dish CockProbably.

E Chowdah said...

It does NOT look delicious (maybe 3 hours earlier it didn't look decomposed?) and even though I'm 1/2 Muslim (my dad doesn't eat pork; he only eats pepperoni, hot dogs and bacon) I would have to at least TRY Porky at a luau. When in Rome...claim your Catholic 1/2 and eat some pig! =)

Meeps said...

So, I didnt even try this, and i'd eat most any meat.
It was served at the Westin in the Bahamas, face and all, and people dug in, siiiick

Loganius said...

I'll forget for a moment that I'm a Jew who keeps kosher. That thing looks fucking gross.

Extremely gross.

And the fact that tons of people were just picking meat off it at a luau like a bunch of crows, only makes it more gross.

Rob G said...

huh... if you look close - somebody put in some work on the chin / neck area. Never understood keeping the head on there... can you imagine a Thanksgiving Turkey coming out of the oven w/ a melted head?

Summer said...

meh...I'd try at least a little piece...maybe more if they threw a towel over its FACE.