Monday, February 4, 2008

Bored, sick, traveling or tired of the writers strike?

It's time to start renting TV on DVD. As far as I'm concerned it goes: Gutenberg Press, TV, Gameboy, TV on DVD. This is clearly the natural progression of human entertainment evolution. Throw one in the queue while the weather is still bad and try not to get too hooked.

Best Network Show (Non Nerdy): The Office - NBC. The special features on these DVDs are great. Commentaries by Rainn Wilson and Angela Kinsey are fantastic and there are enough deleted scenes, outtakes and other random comedy that these go in the own-not-rent

Best Drama: Six Feet Under - HBO. An amazing, beautiful story that examines all the hardest parts of life, and how people deal with them. Loses some focus during the 3rd season, but finishes with a stunning, perfectly complete and crushing finale.

Best Comedrama: Weeds - Showtime. Short, easy to digest, very funny episodes. An insane storyline, great cliffhangers, and Kevin Nealon make this one can't miss. Careful not to get the opening song stuck in your head.

Best Epic: Sopranos - HBO
. This one needs no introduction. Regardless of whether you have seen any of this one or all of it - sit down, start over and watch it. It's deep and complex enough that it's worth it.

Best Show Canceled after one Season: Lucky Louie - HBO. High moments of the series (and contributions to current nomenclature) - calling his four year old daughter an asshole, the phrase "go suck a bag of dicks" and of course, the creation of the term "blowie."

Best Basic Cable Show: Nip/Tuck - F/X. It's a sick world, and this show captures the sickest, dramatizes it and has a bunch of dead sexy people act it out. A true exercise in excess: each season gets weirder and farther fetched - that turns some people off, but it keeps me coming back.

Best Reason Not to Vote for Mitt Romney: Big Love - HBO. Bill Paxton is phenomenal as an awkward, in over his head patriarch of 3 families in a Polygamist sect. The drama is constant and the double crosses more complex than you can imagine. Three wives is three times more awesome, right?

Best Network Show (Nerdy): LOST - ABC.
Numbers, puzzles, supernatural mysteries and that
oh-so-sexy Kate. The show sucks on TV, but love it on DVD where the only downside to the cliff hangers is that it's 2 am and you have to be at work in the morning!

Best Awkward DVD: Curb Your Enthusiasm - HBO. Larry just keeps getting better (worse). The improv is spot on and the scenarios are ridiculous. And just when you think things couldn't get any worse - Larry opens his mouth.


Courtney said...

Ok, I love all the suggestions (LOST!!). But you forgot one (nerdy) selection that cannot just be left behind.It is great for all the comic book/super hero freaks and ADD 9-5 cubical junkies in need cliff hangers and major events it every episode. You are guaranteed excitment and the feeling of never being satisified because you always want more of the super natural.

Courtney said...
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Cheese said...

your list is garbage without the wire....and you know this

white chocolate said...

I second The WIRE
McNulty 4 lizzzife and nothing like seeing Omar regulate on some punk ass drug dealers. MOUNT UP!

Meeps said...

Man, Lost Season 4 is really getting going. can you believe that Oceanic Airlines faked the flight crashing in the ocean in the press!!?!!?!?! this is some shit!

Loganius said...

The first 3 seasons of the West Wing should be at least in consideration for best DVD drama.

And both 'It's always Sunny in Phildelphia' and 'Arrested Development' are conspicuosly absent from this comedy list...

Glatczar said...

The Wire has to be the best show on tv, period. Accurate portrayal of the ins-and-outs of inner-city Baltimore as the creators were a longtime detective and reporter on the crime/city beat for the Baltimore Sun.

I like the list though, except John from Cincinnati has to be the best show canceled after only one season.

It had the '90s mega-cast of Ed O'Neil, Luke Perry and Zack Morris. Amazing. And a very angry Rebecca De Mornay. And Luis Guzman. JFC.

Meeps said...

Ok, really, cant we all just agree that Seinfeld is still the funniest show that's ever been around.
How about Best Comedy Cartoon: My Vote is The Critic starring Jon Lovitz.

Loganius said...

And lest I forget...

Freaks and Geeks only lasted one season....and has the added benefit of kicking fucking ass.

Matt Stringer said...

No, I don't think we can agree that Seinfeld is the best comedy Arrested Development is to Seinfeld as George is to Elaine (one is alot funnier than the other)

Bigjohn said...

I think that 30 Rock might have passed The Office. Tracey Morgan makes that show. Best show canned after one season, hands down Lucky Louie.