Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Best Minute and Half in Grammy History

I don’t watch the Grammys. I want to start my first addition to the QLE by making this known, but I do have a girlfriend so...

This year they did the Grammys right. Performances. No boring speeches thanking people you and I don’t know. Three and a half hours of performances, one of which blew my mind and gave me a semi.

I couldn't believe my ears, “And next, Kayne West performs with Daft Punk.” They couldn’t be there…. I mean, the American Music Association is not only recognizing DP but letting them play the Grammys?

The next two and a half minutes slogging through John Legend Target ads and discussing that "not so fresh feeling" seemed like an eternity. Was Middle America really going to see the robot suited French men electrify a triangle? I had my doubts, but sure enough, there was the pyramid. Not quite the enormous monolith that blew my mind in the desert, but a lighted pyramid, nonetheless.

Kayne, not to be out done by French men in EL robot suits (or anyone for that matter), popped the performance off with a robot “control panel” lit suit, and glowing stunners.

Eruptions of steam, light and fire surrounded Kayne as he bounced around the Krypton inspired stage, but still no DP. I began to stare intently at the pyramid wondering if Jimmy Jam had thrown the millions of DP fans a wicked curve. What if the Wizard was simply a CD deck on which a pimply faced intern pressed play.

Two minutes in, breaking a sweat, I found myself screaming NO each time he kept asking, “Is this what all you been waiting for?!”

Then it happened: we were in U.S.S. Daft Punk privy to a rare look since DP surfaced at Coachella in ’06, a view of their control panel. Although the Grammys set was a smaller version of their normal set-up take this taste, and if you are ever within one hundred miles, go, dance your face off and witness history.

And as far as the Grammy’s go ….. Amy might make it, CBS is shameless (Thanks Joe Mantegna), and Vince Gill is funny.

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Jenna said...

wow, watching this was the perfect study break last night. ok meeps i have another post up, and this ones important! rainydayz is good, im sending it around!