Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Made in the Dark Review

Hot Chip's latest, Made in the Dark, plays like a great date: fun, upbeat, high energy, beautiful at times - and what begins at at the club eventually makes its way to the bedroom.

A follow up to the whimsical yet slightly disquieting The Warning, Hot Chip dials up the experience with a heavier synthesized sound and up tempo beats. The same catchy, enjoyable and poppy nature is amplified, creating an album that frequently encourages reckless decibel levels and constant movement while listening.

They showcase digital abilities and creativity, seamlessly blending varied rhythms, heavy beats and whimsical noise to create tracks that are not only fun to listen to, but could easily find their way onto a very respectable dance mix.

Made in the Dark
encourages straight through listening,
and the progression shows that this is not solely a synthesized, electronic effort; there is a definite human element that will please even the die hard indie rock fan. The resonance and a genuineness of Taylor and Goddard's delivery brings an emotional, human quality to the project.

empo shifts and divergent sounds play as complementary and come together effortlessly for Hot Chip. On "Touch Too Much" the combination of up tempo, syncopated rhythms and electronic noise suddenly resolves into a mellow, singsong one-minute interlude with a very personal, intimate feeling. Just as suddenly, the beats are back and the introspective mood of moments ago is a distant memory.

Fun, versatile, upbeat, and diverse, Made In The Dark stands up well to repeated plays and will welcome new fans and reward Hot Chip loyalists alike with a great mix of sounds and experiences.

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