Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Roundup

General consensus says that was pretty boring.  Most people are now hungover or feeling sick from that incredibly poor decision to dunk the Double Stuff in the Chili Con Queso during a mid afternoon blackout.  That was almost as dumb as Big Bill going for it on 4th down instead of kicking the field goal.

In a bright spot, the Robot did get its ass kicked by the Terminator, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

I still think Eli Manning is a punk bitch, but hey, he's got a Super Bowl ring and I've got a blog so I guess we know who wins that one.

The ads were by and large uninspiring.  Either no one has any money, or no one wanted to take risks after some great (albeit risky commercials) received less than favorable reviews.  

In case you were foolish enough to go pee during the interesting part of the game (commercials), you can check out Time's review and watch the best ads.  Consensus here is that the FedEx ad was among the best, and a certain sales leads company who I refuse to give any pub to, sucked the worst.  

My personal favorite, though, appears below.  It's just way too close to the experience of being on Mr. Meeps' speed dial...


white chocolate said...

I would rather watch T-Mobile rerun commercials all year long with my eyelids taped open because they would still be funnier than anything the Superbowl ads had a sorry excuses for humor. I mean Timberlake taking shots to the nuts was enjoyable, the Godfather Audi ad was excellent proving once again that even Germans are better than us and funny motherf*ckers when they want to be and of watching a dog train a horse was touching (take a reminiscent sigh & a breath)

BUT (<-----giant but like a J-lo butt), bridgestone( screaming animals are NOT funny)and Godaddy (WTF?) and CareerBuilder and Fedex and Pepsi and DietPepsi and Tide and Doritos and Salesgenie (big WTF?!?!?!) and Underarmor (who apparently is taking over the sports clothing/footwear world: good luck with that might want to talk to adidas and Nike about how to do that one) and anyone else who wanted to promote their awful services/items of commerce (take a breath) need to pull their heads out or just quit and focus on their hobbies hopefully which isn't thinking of crafty advertising campaigns.

Back on track:

I also propose Charles Barkley should just sellout completely and do every single commericial there is because then they'd at least be entertaining. He can literally get away with saying nearly anything on live TV shy of Obama is a white supremacist. So imagine what would happen when he gets a few talented Jewish writers behind him. He'd be a viable Candidate for VP08!

And bring back the Bud Bowl for nostalgia or have the Puppy Bowl be the halftime entertainment, at least the commentary makes me chuckle (he going all the way the 20, the 10 or he's turn around and now checking out his fellow teammates that ish is hilarious. You could even have Sir Charles be the commentator to make it that much better) and who doesn't love puppies!

Wrap-up: All in all AMERICA, Sir Charles, Puppies f*ck yeh!


white chocolate said...


and Eli Manning (M.V.P. are you serious?!?!?!?!? more like D.F.U.T.B.A.R.I.F.Y.T. <--- see if you can figure that one out for short: DFU)

Eli is still a toolbox just now he has a ring that his team's defense earned him. His brother and him can now reunite their rings with the Captain Planet Squad and the Ambiguously gay duo to for the Ambiguously Gay Planet Squad DOuble Stuff Oreo Allstars!

Stuff down those double stuff oreos son at least you're getting paid well.

oh and times up:
D.F.U.T.B.A.R.I.F.Y.T.- Didnt' f*ck up too badly and ruin it for your team.

oh word!?!