Sunday, February 17, 2008

Superman That Ho. Really?

Cheryl Miller, do you have any idea what it means to Superman That Ho? As you stand there, congratulating Dwight Howard on his epic dunk (or just throwing the ball through the hoop) and he is going on about how much he loves that song, Superman That Ho, you continue to grin and nod like an idiot, conducting another one of your awkward, uncomfortable All Star sideline interviews. Seriously, you're terrible. And I don't think it's cute or endearing that you refer to Reggie Miller repeatedly as "little brother."

The Urban Dictionary offers a couple graphic definitions of what it meanst to Superman That Ho. Scientifically put, to "Superman" would be to ejactulate on a womans back during intercourse, then allow the fixative properties of dried semen to attach the bed linens to her back, making her appear to be wearing a cape, similar to the superhero Superman. Combine that with referring to the unwitting superhero as a "Ho" and you've got a real banger of a filthy sex joke, broadcast on TNT for families all over America to enjoy. Good job all involved.

There were some highlights to this year's All Star Saturday night:

Rudy Gay asked America to post their best dunks as inspiration for his appearance in the dunk contest. Needless to say there was some insane stuff. 720 in a game and 360 under the legs.

Charles Barkley, as usual put on a show. While introducing Karl Malone as a judge of the Slam Dunk contest, he said the Mailman was the 3rd best power forward of all time. When asked who numbers two and one were, he replied matter-of-factly, me and Tim Duncan.

And, just in case you forgot since last year, Jason Kapono is still a bitch.

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