Monday, February 11, 2008

You are missing out! Your life is not complete!

Cut Copy's recent EP So Cosmic is 100% awesome.
Download the mixtape and groove for an hour + of psychedelic-futuristic-disco raddness music as your introduction into their world.

Not familiar with Cut Copy? The boys from Melbourne have creatively and surprisingly accurately labeled themselves as "Indie/Dance." With mellow vocals and foot tapping, head bobbing, body moving beats they offer a nice nonthreatening intro to the world of electronically created music. Their first album, "Bright Like Neon Love" is, in a word, sick. It's rare that you can find a group that fits equally well on your workout, working it out and novel writing or skiing mix, but Cut Copy fits the bill.

The mixtape is a collection of dance tunes and records from the last three decades that inspired their new album, In Ghost Colours, due out in March. Throughout are snippets of new tracks remixed w/ Cut Copy's signature beats, synth and drum rolls.

The mix uses samples and tracks from Aphex Twin, Panda Bear, Giorgio, Fleetwood Mac and Holy Ghost to name a few. So, basically its all over the register, but it works swimmingly.

Click HERE, download and pop it on your iPod and your ready for your next hour of expense reports, Harry Potter reading, a mountain bike ride in Muir Woods and the weekend house party - my uses in the last few days.

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