Friday, February 22, 2008

The White Room

Sometimes I feel bad about playing this little game of lies and deception. But, ultimately, these oblivious people have it coming to them and need to be exploited.

For 6 years now, I have been dressing up as a character from the movie The White Room and going to parties. I'll grab a buddy, fill him in on the gag and we'll rehearse the premise for five minutes on the walk over. Frankly, sometimes its just too easy, but people out there are just so naive and if they don't know that they're being made fun of, does it really matter?

The setup: Wear some wacky shit, come up with a bogus name, and make up a generic sounding movie title. Go around telling people that you're acting like the characters from the classic 80's psychological thriller and mention how there were some also-run B-List actors playing key roles in the movie. Tell everyone this is your FAVORITE MOVIE. Make up four or five, what you deem to be memorable quotes, and proceed to run them into the ground all night long. At some point, some overly drunk girl will overhear you say, "Don't take the tube after dark," and she'll remark "what movie is that from?"
The answer is: The White Room

And it never fails, play this game for a few hours at a house party and there will be that person that will eventually say that they either remember that movie, or that they LOVE that movie.
Last weekdend, The White Room was in full effect.

The premise was that being stuck in The White Room was a euphemism for one's inability to break away from the social norm and forge a path through the jungle of life. The two key actors in the movie, Mr. Robert (Meeps) and Zach Blain aka "The Man" (Cross) were two college friends from Minnesota trying to grasp the reality of being outcasts from a small town trying to break into the new city.

"Get in there," exclaims The Man. "Get over here," replies Mr. Robert. "I love that scene," remarks an unnamed guy who just walked into the kitchen reaching ice to take the edge off his Red Bull blaster.

Another successful night out for my own personal box office.

In a funny side note, it has come to my attention that there is indeed a movie that goes by The White Room, and that, in fact, ends up being a psychological thriller. Imagine that. Here is the trailer.

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