Monday, February 4, 2008

The Electronic Gladiator

Jay Maynard is the self-dubbed Tron Guy.
Jay Maynard is in the running as the Worlds Biggest Dork.
Jay Maynard is 100% Awesome!

In case you missed his rise to internet stardom during the last 3 years, here is what you need to know: A computer programmer with portly physique and no shame what-so-ever, Maynard pieced together a skintight outfit with electroluminiscent embedded lighting inspired by the 1982 Disney Sci-Fi movie Tron. Tron , as you may remember, explores the world inside a computer! Then, he put up a website to chronicle the trials and tribulations of the monumental undertaking of building the Tron suit (among other suits... be sure to surf around, you won't be sorry you did).

EL Lighting? Life in a computer? Human after all? Sounding familiar? The question begs to be answered, did Daft Punk get their inspiration on their last tour from Tron Guy?
Definately check out the video of Maynard getting his 15 mins of Fame on Kimmel.

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White Chocolate said...

The funny thing is this guy will still get laid more than Eli Manning.