Monday, February 11, 2008

The Face of the Grammys

WTF is going on w/ the Grammys?

This year featured great performances by musical icons such as Jerry Lee Lewis and Tina Turner and an awesome colabo by Kayne and Daft Punk. All were overshadowed, though, by the mess of a woman in this picture.
Congratulations Any Winehouse.
Let us digress a little and recap the '07 rap sheet of the Grammys' golden girl.
Admitted to problems with eating disorders and appearance anxiety. Walked the streets of London, bloodied and bruised after a row with her new husband revolving around her getting high with a call girl.
Reports that she was videographed smoking crack turned out to be true and also yielded one of the least interesting celebrity tapes to date.
Eventually her dad moved in with her, which apparently precipitated Winehouse falling further apart and ended with her, fittingly, in rehab.
Her husband is incarcerated and waiting trail for assault and witness tampering. The latest rumor on him, via Winehouse's Pop, is that her Hubby, Fielder-Civil, is paranoid of a possible relationship between his bride and her super-producer Mark Ronson.
Then, to top it all off our girl Amy was hit with a (generous) #2 ranking on Robert Blackwell's list of 2008 Worst Dressed People.
So how do the fine people of the music industry react to such a dubious year? They reward the songstress with a near sweep of the top awards: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album and Female Pop Vocal Performance.
And where was she to cap off the wins with a live performance? Well, she was denied a visa for obvious reasons. Then upon realizing that Winehouse was of some notoriety after her appeal, she was granted entrance. By this point she decided that she was over it and stayed at home even though she had three days to make the trip out to LA.
Regardless of all that, she still had a pretty good album. Thanks primarily to Ronson who was able to not only harness her vocal pipes but keep her away from the crack pipe and in the studio long enough to lay down 12 pretty solid and soulful tracks.
You can download "Rehab" remixed by Hot Chip here.


Courtney said...

A few other notable AW facts:
1) can't forget the suicide agreement with her and her bloat if he is to remain in jail, ahh it's so Romeo and Juliet
2) predict when AW is going to die and you can win an iPOD touch!!! make your prediction quick because you might loose your chance

Cross said...

Bottom line - bitch is gross